"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall."

- Oscar Wilde
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Goddess Series: Athena
A Greek Goddess of war and wisdom, Athena was a skilled strategist and fierce warrior known well for her blessings among the heroic. It is said that Athena was born from the head of Zeus—emerging fully-armed from a crack in...
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Sabbat Series: Yule
One of eight seasonal festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Yule is the festival marking the death and rebirth of the sun. As the shortest day and longest night of the year, Yule—also known as the Winter Solstice—is...
Crystal Gridding: How To
Crystal grids create a harmonious energy field entirely aligned towards your intention—calling on the fundamental powers and laws of the universe to aide in its manifestation. By using a specific combination of intention, crystals, and design, you can strengthen the...
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