"I am out with lanterns, looking for myself."

- Emily Dickinson
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Goddess Series: Freya
A Norse Goddess of love, fertility, and war, Freyja was a wild force of nature and a great, beloved beauty. She was known for traveling the realms in a chariot pulled by two large cats, wearing a great cloak of falcon...
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Intro to Divination
When you think of divination, what springs to mind? Is it tarot cards, pendulums, or maybe crystal balls? Do you think of palm readers in old caravans? Or ladies in flowing silk reading the tea leaves at the bottom of...
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Animal Symbology: Wolf
Ah, the wolf… The fierce and fanged apex predator of the night. A howling reminder of what lurks inside the dark. The pathfinder, the wayshower, the leader of the pack. A protector beneath the full moon light. When wolf appears...
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