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$ 18.00

DIY Tincture // Sweet Dreams Kit

Make your own herbal tincture with this complete kit.

The Sweet Dreams Tincture Kit includes an herbal blend containing all natural light sedatives, in a 4 oz jar with room to add your menstrum. (Vodka & Brandy are popular choices, Apple Cider Vinegar works if you wish to avoid alcohol) We have also included a Muslin bag for attaining, pipette for transferring your finished product and a dropper bottle for storing it. We have also included a detailed instruction card for quick reference. 

This kit will produce approximately 3 oz of tincture.

Sweet Dreams Tincture Blend: Lavender, Skullcap, Valerian Root & Passion Flower

Passion flower is known for it's strength in combating anxious over-thinking and calming the mind. Skullcap assists in this process as it works on slowing over-reactive imbalances in the nervous system. A hint of valerian root shapes this calming tincture blend into a mid-strength sleep-aid with it's strong sedative properties.