Magickal Herbs Altar Set

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This set of altar jars contain 5 of the most powerful magical herbs. 

Mandrake Root: When sprinkled at a threshold it is said to bring protection and prosperity. Use in ritual to intensify moon waters, candle magick or in circle casting. Place in a talisman sachet to create an amulet for travel protection.

Rose Petals: A simple yet powerful flower for magick, rose petals are a common ingredient in love spells; be it love for yourself or love for another. 

Skullcap:This herb is powerful for use in attraction and prosperity spells. It is also said to promote fidelity when worn or carried by an otherwise unfaithful person.

Damiana: When used in a tea or tincture, this herb is said to connect worlds and promote dream walking. Some find use for it in sex magick as it is said to "spice things up" in the bedroom. 

Jasmine Flowers: Jasmine flowers have a strong connection to the moon and divine feminine and can be a powerful addition to lunar rituals. Use to create intention and anointing oils and as a powerful addition to spell bottles.


*This set contains 5 bottles that measure 2.5 inches tall. The herbs contained are for magickal uses only and are not sold to be ingested.

Photo of herbs in bottles