Hawthorne Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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[ berries . leaves . flowers . thorns ]

Hawthorn is helpful for those who suffer from a feeling of belonging to another place and time—perhaps even another planet or dimension. While some may not have this particular language for describing their experience, it is a precious ally for anyone who feels somehow “other” and is therefore unable to engage with their Life Path fully. It is particularly well suited for those suffering from ADD or PTSD. A small dose of the tincture brings a sense of calm focus that blossoms forth from the Heart. Unlike many medications administered for such conditions, Hawthorn is not a sedative. Hawthorn is also one of the herbs most closely associated with the Faerie Realm. It connects one with the sense of deep support provided by the Spirit world and acts as a kind of “etheric glue” to call the Spirit back to the body, reminding us that this vessel is a safe place to call Home in the Here Now.

Glass dropper full of Hawthorne elixir.

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