Redwood Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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Redwood Elixir
with Quartz Crystal Essence

Redwood connects us with the timelessness of Life on Earth. It re-sets our inner clock to the ancient rhythm of the forest & the trees. "Old As Time, Old As Time," is the refrain heard in the gentle rustle of Redwood boughs. The medicine of this tree has a profound ability to heal long-held and inherited grief, particularly as it relates to loss of home, loss of place, loss of way of life. It is a valuable remedy for connecting with one's own ancestral roots as well as finding communion and harmony with the Spirits of the Land where one lives. The greatest gift offered by the Redwood is sense of ancient support, one which exists beyond time or space.  It's effect is at once grounding & enlivening, making it a choice companion for meditation and tasks that require both careful focus and relaxed attention.  Enjoy a single drop directly in your mouth, savoring the flavor of the forest.  Repeat up to six times daily.
This Elixir is made from an alchemical combination of the green Spring tips of old-growth California Redwoods [Sequoia sempervirens], the essence of six truly special quartz crystals, rich amber wildflower honey, and the patience of many Moons spent infusing...
Redwood Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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