Reishi Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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In Chinese, Reishi is known as Ling Zhi -- the character for which, translates as "Spirit Plant" or, Shaman praying for rain. Reishi is the king of the fungi, the mushroom of immortality. A true tonic medicine, Reishi is remarkably safe to use. It balances and nourishes many systems of the body simultaneously. Famed for its ability to calm and nourish the Heart, increase the resilience of the immune system, strengthen the lungs, improve cognitive function, and help to balance the adrenals and modulate the overactive stress response that is endemic in our culture. All of this makes it indispensable in cases of both excess and depletion. One of the most notable effects of Reishi in the short-term is a decrease in allergic response. It is also incredibly effective for soothing longstanding insomnia, particularly where there is a concurrent lack of fulfillment in some major area of life.

Mushrooms are, far and away, some of the most powerful medicines on Earth. They work to heal not only humans and animals, but plants and even entire ecosystems. They are masters of alchemy -- transforming the decaying matter of the forest into new life, brimming with vitality.  This is their greatest teaching and most precious secret -- this deep trust in the cycles of fertility and abundance that are so intimately a part of death.

The Fungal Kingdom has long been revered by humanity, and for good reason. The fruiting bodies we call "mushrooms," are in fact only the reproductive organs of exponentially larger organisms which exist beneath the topsoil as extensive networks of mycelium. Mycelium are to mushrooms are as roots are to plants + flowers, as our brain is to our body and our own sexual organs. Unlike the neural networks we posess, however, which are limited in their scope by the size of our skulls, mushrooms have the ability to expand their mycelial networks, and therefore their consciousness, almost infinitely. The vast mycelial structures, intimately and intricately woven into the sub-soil of any healthy forest, act as a kind of nervous system, connecting all of the above-ground organisms with which it exists in symbiosis. Through this mycelium mat, plants are able to share nutrients with one another, warn of predators through complex chemical signaling, exchange information about soil and air conditions and all of the other things you would care about if you were a plant. Trees with mycelial associations achieve far more resilience and vigorous growth than those growing in soil devoid of fungal life. Drawing our awareness to the unseen mycelial realm, reminds us, that, like so many things in this world, it is the invisible, subterranean forces, which offer the most fertile ground for positive interdependence and real evolution.

These lifeforms have the ability to reconnect us to the innate wisdom of both the microcosm of our bodies as well as the macrocosm of the Universe.  At this time in our culture there is a renaissance of appreciation for and fascination with mushrooms.  Much of this fascination is due to the truly astounding ability they have to heal both specific ailments in our species as well as address the wider ecological challenges we face on Earth.  Mushrooms are a medicine for reconnecting us to the wider world of non-human intelligence and helping us to access the profound ability we have to offer healing and prayer to the Earth.

There is no doubt that we find ourselves living in precarious times.  By working directly with medicinal mushrooms, we have the opportunity to wake up and slow down; to see the world around us as it truly is -- alive and intelligent, imbued with cosmic resilience and regenerative potential.  May this medicine help each of us to find the small yet essential role that is ours alone to play, in restoring beauty and wildness in both our inner and outer worlds.

A combined water, alcohol, and honey extraction
made from Ethically Wildcrafted Reishi Mushrooms

Enjoy in doses of one to two
​dropperfuls up to four times daily.

[two ounce amber glass dropper bottle]
Reishi Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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