Rose Petal Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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Rose Petal Elixir
with rose quartz + pearl essences

The Rose is one of the most ancient botanical medicines known to humans. Used for everything from menstrual complaints to liver congestion, this flower inspires not only poetry + romance but superior health! Above all else, its blossom aids us in recalling the sweetness of life. Rose is Queen of the flowers--unabashed in her beauty + uniqueness. However, it is the powerful protection provided by the thorns of the plant that allow for this expression of fullness without fear or apology. Rose Petal Elixir helps one to embody this same courage and to live as the most sincere + vulnerable version of themselves, trusting that they are always protected. Enjoy in one to twelve drop doses alone or in water up to six times a day.  

Contains // Rose Petals, Essence Of Rose Quartz  + Pearl,  Sonoran Desert Honey, Distilled Spirits

Rose Petal Elixir by La Abeja Herbs

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