Wildcrafted Chaparral Oil by La Abeja Herbs

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Chaparral, Gobernadora, Creosote. This potent medicinal shrub characterizes the landscape of Southern New Mexico. Its deep green expanse is in stark contrast to the endless sky, and stretches like the Ocean as far as the eye can see. As you drive down desolate highway and country back roads, it is the ancient and thrumming presence of Chaparral that calls forth the precious solitude and stark beauty offered only by the desert. Its resinous leaves hold the scent and memory of the soaking rains of many thousands seasons past. The strange, lovely, and distinctive aroma is it yields is reminiscent of petrichor and gathering clouds; of a landscape longing to drink deep of the Sky. Each passing impression of this oil, will transport you to the desert of your dreams, the inner arid regions of your Being, a place of deep awakening, heightened psychic awareness, and unexpected resilience.

A profound antiseptic, Chaparral Oil is also an indispensable first aid ally. It helps to prevent infections in wounds, soothes bites and stings, as well as bringing sweet relief to eczema, psoriasis, and fungal infections of both the skin and the scalp. It is one of our favorite oils to bring along on any Summer road trip or wildcrafting adventure for after-sun skincare and it even makes a fantastic spot treatment for acne, boils, and other eruptive skin conditions. The unequaled anti-oxidant properties of of this ancient desert plant help to protect from and repair free radical damage, keeping skin healthy, glowing, and resilient even in the harshest of environs. We recommend adding a couple dropperfuls to a hot bath, along with a piece of petrified wood for a grounding and distinctive therapeutic experience. Do note though, the scent of Chaparral is quite strong and may be a bit too intense for many to use as a daily body oil. We, however, desert folk at heart, love it without apology or qualification.

Made With // Ethically Wildcrafted Chaparral
,  Organic Olive Oil
2 oz. 
Wildcrafted Chaparral Oil by La Abeja Herbs