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Abundance Spell Bottle
$ 12.00

Abundance Spell Bottle

This spell jar was created with abundance and prosperity in mind. The jar includes 8 herbs commonly used in prosperity spells and rituals. 

Yarrow- Often used for courage, healing, and love.

Sage- Commonly associated with purification, protection, wisdom and health.

Peppermint-This herb is often used for increasing money, success, prosperity, joy, purification, and love.

Mugwort- Associated with prophetic dreams and divination, relaxation and tranquility, protection, banishing, and consecration.

Allspice- Allspice makes a wonderful addition to magical herbal blends for money and prosperity and any magic focusing on increasing energy, love, healing, and luck.

Chamomile-Chamomile is used for prosperity, peace, healing, harmony, and happiness.

Bay Laurel-. Bay is associated with success, wisdom, and divination. Write a wish on a bay leaf and burn it, or sleep with it under your pillow for dreams that offer some sort of guidance as to how to pursue your goal. 

Clove- Clove is associated with protection, purification, mental ability, and healing.