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FAQ & Things to Know


We package our products in recycled Spanish glass that is beautifully designed to withstand the ages. Our pretty little bottles not only look amazing on display in your bathroom or boudoir; they are also great for upcycling to other uses once empty. Add crushed flower petals for display, diffusers and oil for an aromatic use, sand for the beach lovers, or small flowers for a unique vase. The possibilities, and we love less waste.


We ship our orders in white gift boxes with recycled shredded paper padding.Our bottles are closed with recycled cork lined with a barrier piece, and heat wrapped. Due to the properties of Essential Oils, it is not uncommon for the cork to "wick" some of the product during shipping. We recommend unpackaging your products immediately on delivery and standing the bottles upright. This will eliminate any wicking and allow the product to settle properly. 


All of our  products are used with 100% NATURAL ingredients. This means no chemical preservatives or emulsifiers. Keep this in mind when using and storing your products. Do not allow water to enter containers, as this could allow bacteria to grow in certain products. Our bath oils do not contain emulsifiers, so use in small amounts and expect some "settling" on the surface of the water. This is completely normal of oil products and in our opinion, is the only way to do it in an authentic bath ritual. Swoosh the water around every now and then if you want to mix it or increase the scent. Ancient bathers didn't use emulsifiers so neither do we.


With Natural products, expect a variation of coloring and tone with each one. Texture may vary due to plant matter in the batch and is completely normal. Always shake your liquid products before use to ensure proper mixing of ingredients.

Returns & Exchanges

Since our products are "consumables" we do not offer returns or exchanges. If a product has a defect or issue, contact us immediately and will be happy to make it right.