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$ 30.00

Moon Gathering + Workshops // Arroyo Grande

Throughout the ages and in many cultures, the moon and its phases have represented constant change, attraction and release, endings and beginnings. The new moon is believed to be a time of positive changes & the optimal time to set intentions and begin the process of their realization, while the full moon is said to be a time of intense energy and a prime night to release. Our gatherings leave it up to you and your intuition and offer a sacred circle to do both. Just as the moon controls the tides, it is long believed that as women, we too are ruled by her ever changing phases.

It is with this ancient ritual in mind that we bring to you our monthly Moon Gathering + Workshop at the Apothecary.

Join us for a candlelight evening under the moon as we: 

  • Complete an activity specifically created for the moon we are under and its influence.
  • Learn about crystals & their role in the lunar cycle, their healing properties and the long time belief in their energetic properties.
  • Learn how to charge, clean & use your crystals to harness the energy of the moon. 
  • Set our intentions/releases for the upcoming month.
The cost is $30 & includes all materials & supplies, hot tea, and a gift for each  that attends. Space is limited, tickets must be purchased in advance. Adults only please.
When: 7:00pm
Where: Tamed Wild Apothecary- 144W Branch St, Arroyo Grande. (Parking is in back lot)
Dress warm and bring a blanket, pillow or towel to sit on outside.