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Bath Bomb // Spring Moon // Dolly Moo
$ 6.00

Bath Bomb // Spring Moon // Dolly Moo

Rebirth, vibrancy & growth. Spring moon honors our connection to the moon phases, our connection to earth and to the seasons. This light musk oil bath will welcome in the freshness of spring and let the universe know you are ready to stand in the bright moon light + blossom. 

Concoction: Baking soda, citric acid, organic mango & cocoa butter, grape seed oil, wild harvested witch hazel, essential/fragrance oil blend, Red 28, silver & gold mica, love & moon blessings. 


phalate free, paraben free, vegan 

Note: Appearance of this bath bomb may change over time due to the nature of this product. Have no worries! Some discoloration could happen from natural oils. 

By Dolly Moo