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Bath Bomb // Wisdom Keeper
$ 7.00

Bath Bomb // Wisdom Keeper

An Owl holds many secrets, and should one choose to whisper them to you, great wisdom is revealed. Begin to walk the path of wisdom and tune into the Owl totem in a ceremonial bath of warm water, with scents of amber, fall herbs & spices. Invite in knowledge & wisdom. Rest and listen to your inner voice.

This bath bomb comes with a special incantation card. 

Hand-Mixed ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, grape seed oil, wild harvested witch hazel, organic cocoa butter, organic mango butter, essential/fragrance oil blend, gold mica, 
sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, love & magick.

Note: Appearance of this bath bomb may change over time due to the nature of this product. Have no worries! Some discoloration could happen from natural oils. 


Paraben Free/Phthalate Free/Vegan