$ 26.00

I Am Love // Bath Ritual Kit

Comes with ritual card, gold spell candle & royal red velvet bag...

Self-Love is Magick, Joy & Peace. Our Self-Love Ritual Bath is an offering to your heart. A compassionate acceptance of all parts you. This healing salt has been infused with love, kindness and positive affirmations. Our blend of pink Himalayan salt, sea salt crystals and epsom salt was woven with rose petals, rose buds, pink hydrangea and pink angel wing petals. They have been charged with rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst for extra connection to the heavens in your heart and in the stars. I Am Love Ritual Bath is anointed with geranium rose, rose otto, bergamot, sandalwood, ylang ylang & jasmine essential oils for receiving love, raising confidence , and soothing euphoria. Pour this bath as an offering to your heart--as an act of gratitude towards all part of yourself. "I Am Love"

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