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Blood Magic Anointing Oil // Spirit Element
Blood Magic Anointing Oil // Spirit Element
$ 14.00

Blood Magic Anointing Oil // Spirit Element

Welcome the magick of Samhain with Blood Magick Anointing Oil.

Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) is the witch’s new year’s eve, the last or third harvest, and the feast of the dead. It is a night of celebration, seduction, and a whole lot of magick. One of the most beautiful expressions however, is the honoring of loved ones past. On this night, we gather to both celebrate and mourn our friends, loved ones, and ancestors who have crossed the veil to another realm.

Blood Magick was crafted to honor your ancestral heritage and to pay tribute to the very DNA running through your veins. Within your blood is the wisdom of thousands of generations who watch over you and guide you through your human experience. This anointing oil is deeply grounding; helping one connect to power of blood spilled unto the earth.

Ingredient Vibrations

Pine - associated with ancestral wisdom, grounding, healing and protection. Pine represents everything about our ancestors and the support that they offer.

Sandalwood - Often used to connect with past lives; sandalwood is grounding and purifying. It is associated with strength, stability, and clearing of negative energy.

Blood Red Mica - mica is added in blood red to connect with the healing vibration of red and the root chakra; our connection to the earth and ancestral magic.

2 oz | 60 mL glass bottle.

Full ingredient list: Oils of: Olea europaea (olive), Carthamus tinctorius (safflower), Vitis vinifera (grape seed), Prunus dulcis (sweet almond), pine essential oil, sandalwood essential oil; vanilla extract, mica.