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Healing Properties

Celestite is known to clear the body & aura of toxins. It is commonly used to relieve head pain and is said to relieve stress & protect from nightmares. A calming stone, it is often used for relaxation rituals and meditation. Celestite is believed to help rehabilitate rescued animals by providing strength.


Astrological Sign: Libra

Herbs & Plants: Chamomile, Vervain, Vanilla, Starflower

Element & Planet: Air, Neptune, Venus

Chakra: Throat

Angel: Chadakiel

Care & Cleaning

Avoid sunlight as it can fade. Charge by wrapping in a blue silk cloth & placing in a dark drawer for 2 days.

History, Ritual & Lore

Celestite is said to be made from the songs of angels. Its stunning blue color gave it the nickname “The Stone of Heaven.” Historically Celestite is used in ritual for astral projection & connecting with the angelic realm. It is said to stimulate the spiritual senses while enhancing inner vision and dream work.

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