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$ 65.00

Antique Rosary Pendulum // Amazonite & Agate

Amazonite is said to be the stone of truth. When used in divination it creates an open pathway for honest discussion and divination. Its powerful energy was harnessed as amulets in ancient times and it is found in the tablets of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The fob is an electroplated pendant of agate, making it easy to steady your hand while working with the pendulum.

This pendulum is crafted with vintage iridescent glass rosary beads.

Antique and estate pieces can provide a powerful energy connection and amplify divination. Always cleanse any new-to-you pieces with cleansing smoke from a smudge before use. Once cleansed, sit quietly with your pendulum in your hands and allow your energy to flow through you and into the piece. As with all divination tools, crystal pendulums can grow a stronger connection to its owner with more time spent. It is not recommended to share your divination tools with others.