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Crystal Elixir Body Oil Red Jasper // Spirit Element
Crystal Elixir Body Oil Red Jasper // Spirit Element
$ 20.00

Crystal Elixir Body Oil Red Jasper // Spirit Element

The Crystal Collection is a tribute to the humble beginnings of my spiritual roots. It takes me back to a time before the big crystal boom when I worked at one of the very first online crystals stores and discovered the hundreds of shapes and shades found in the crystal kingdom. This collection is my return home to crystal energy. A reminder that crystals always have something to teach me. Enjoy!

Red Jasper crystal elixir is crafted using my favorite meditation and ceremonial crystal. Red Jasper is often overlooked when it comes to meditation for the upper chakra crystals such as amethyst and aquamarine. But red jasper is one of the best crystals for creating real, lasting transformation and inner peace.

Red Jasper is a calming, floral blend of botanical oils chosen for their energetic connection to meditation, restoring peace, grounding and balance.

Ingredient Vibrations

Red Jasper - A beautiful stone for ceremonial and meditation practice. It brings stability to the spirit, helps to reduce anxiety and attracts the right spiritual practice for you. It heals the mind, strengthens the body and grounds the spirit making stone ideal for self-mastery and transformation

Cypress - a grounding oil that aids in spiritual awareness, grounding and protection. It promotes transformation by helping one to develop clarity, release old habits and negativity, and to channel that which is needed for positive change.

Bergamot - a wonderful oil for restoring peace, letting go of the day, and encouraging happiness. It helps to open awareness, allowing one to be present during meditation.

How to Use: use a body moisturizer or add a few pumps to a warm bath for a luscious, skin softening treatment. Candle also be added to candles, lotions, and hair products as an aromatherapy treatment. Use before and after meditation and rituals for grounding and inviting stillness into your space and aura. This oil is most potent during meditation but can be used anytime to center and call in peace.

2 oz | 60 mL glass bottle.

Full ingredient list: oils of coconut, sunflower, and grape seed; essential oil blend (jasmine, cypress, bergamot), Red jasper chips.