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Spring Equinox Ritual Bath//Dolly Moo
$ 26.00

Spring Equinox Ritual Bath//Dolly Moo

Comes with ritual card, yellow spell candle & pastel purple silk pouch...

Welcome in the fresh rebirth of Spring and dance in the celebration of the sun and your heart's wishes with our Spring Equinox Ritual Bath. Lovingly woven with love and magick, this blend of sea salt & pink Himalayan crystal salt has been anointed with a floral essential oil blend. Petals of hyacinth, violets, rose buds, forest ferns and jasmine bless this bottle with life-magick and flower faery energies for manifestation and creativity. 

We've charged our Spring bath with green calcite for balance, moss agate for new beginnings and earth magick, ruby zoisite for re-birth and faery realm connection, green aventurine to honor Persephone the Goddess of Spring & Queen of the Underworld, Aquamarine for fluidity, cleansing water energies, comfort and calm during transition. 

Celebrate the sun's return and welcome your beautiful spirit home to loving, renewing Spring energies with a soak in fragrant, healing and rejuvenating waters. 

NOTE: Flowers vary in type, color and size.