Jasmine Flower Essence by La Abeja Herbs

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Jasmine [Jasminum sambac] is the beginning and the end. She is the goddess of infinite compassion in which we can seek refuge when our hearts are carrying a burden heavier than any one human should have to bear. She is the flower to turn to when we have suffered unspeakable losses; when the flame of our spirits grows dim and there is no kindling in sight with a strong wind to boot, it is jasmine which cups her soft hands around us and whispers to our Souls of the time when the fire burned brightly, reassuring us that it will once more.  When our grief seems too vast to weather, Jasmine holds us in a deep stillness, nearly defying time and space, so that we can surrender fully to its immensity and through this surrender, follow the fragile thread which leads us back to Life.  Her medicine makes space for tears, for anger, for sorrows untold.  This is the medicine, this feeling, these tears.  And she reassures us that it is okay. After suffering great loss, we often find ourselves lost, hopeless, disoriented; the world around us colorless. Jasmine is the soft song of birds returning to our awareness, the rustling of Autumn leaves overhead, her medicine brings us back to our senses, back to the world of the Living.
Jasmine Flower in a dropper bottle displayed in a bowl of jasmine.