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$ 18.00

Mabon Oil by Moon Goddess Magick Apothecary

This Lovely Mabon Blend is the very essence of the Autumn Equinox, that great shift of energy that we feel beneath our feet and within our souls~ The cooling of the Earth as she begins to fall deep into her slumber~ The beckoning breeze that runs through us, calling us back to remember lives past, pulling us closer to the magick of the other-world and into the wisdom of our Ancestors~

Containing the finest essential oils of Cinnamon, Sage,Cardamom and Chamomile, with a few other treasured secrets~ Filled with herbs of Marigold, Dried Apples and Cinnamon Chips~ Infused with crystal energies of Carnelian (Actually in the bottle)

~Uses for Ritual Oil~

♦Anoint Ritual Objects

♦Anoint Yourself and Others

♦Burn in Diffuser

♦Pour into your Ritual Bath

♦Use in all ways that are EXTERNAL only

♦Anoint Altar Candles

Available in 1 oz glass bottle