Nature Therapy Talisman
$ 24.00

Nature Therapy Talisman

Going for a walk in the woods? Planning a camping trip?

Receive healing, grounding, and protection with this talisman, so you can get the most out of your time in nature. 

Medicine bags are common in many ancient cultures and were used to carry items believed to hold magical properties. Healers, Shamans & common folk alike kept talisman bags & amulets close by when traveling and in prominent places in the home. 

This handmade sachet includes Peridot, Black Tourmaline, and Smoky Quartz. A tiny vial holds Feverfew, Burdock Root & Mandrake root; 3 of the most potent magical herbs. 

Peridot is a stone of lightness & inner peace. Known as "The Stone of The Sun", this stone alleviates the nervous system and banishes lethargy, allowing a person to feel their own light and realize their worthiness of love. 

Smoky Quartz strengthens the process of emotional healing towards better balance & wholeness of mind. This stone aids in detoxing and shielding from negative energies as well as alleviates the effects of stress & strain. 

Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone as it also works to cleanse and purify negative energies. This stone has been revered historically as a protection stone - dispelling negative energies, entitites, and destructive forces. 





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