$ 12.00

New Moon Flower Blessing Ritual

Harnessing the power of the New Moon is an age old practice used by many to create intentions & set goals for the upcoming months. It is believed that as the moon waxes and her energy grows, so will your intention alongside her.

This Ritual Kit is a simple way to harness that energy and keep your prayers close and safe.

Our Flower Blessing is a blend of flowers known historically for their magickal and supportive properties. Our kit includes a jar for placing your written words, a ritual card with detailed instructions, an arrowhead for protecting your prayers, and the flower blessing blend to surround your intentions. Once the ritual is completed you will have the jar filled with your intentions, the flowers & the arrowhead to set in a place of prominence and remind you of your goals.

This ritual can be completed alone or in a circle on the New Moon.

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