Peacock Ore
Peacock Ore
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Peacock Ore

Healing Properties

Also known as Peacock Pyrite, Bornite or Chalcopyrite, this
beautiful rainbow stone is popular for use in movement of Chi.
Known as a protection stone, this naturally oxidized mineral is
believed to guard against illness. Physcially it is also said to promote
hair growth, lung health & assist in removing toxins.

Goddess: Hera
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Herbs & Plants: Blue Lotus, Orchid, Clary Sage, Sandalwood
Element & Planet: Fire, Water, Earth
Chakra: Third Eye

Care & Cleaning
Cleanse with smudge smoke, avoid water. Charge in the sun
light. (Avoid using in Elixirs)

History, Ritual & Lore

It is said that Peacock Ore will protect an expecting mother 
and her unborn child against harm. Known to be a powerful
sheild to negative energy, this stone is commonly added
to amulet & medicine sachets. Historically it is said to bring
happiness to dark places & light up a room. Peacock Ore is also
said to be a stone of rebirth & new beginnings, making it a popular
stone in New Moon rituals.

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