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Star Water by La Abeja Herbs

Use this Star Water to invoke radiant self confidence, a palpable sens of levity, and the motivation to walk with yourself through trying times. Helpful for feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, self-criticism, and generalized energy lethargy. A cosmic formula of plants and stones come together in this spritzer to imbue you with fortitude, flexibility and unwavering belief in your own goodness, and the ability to overcome adversity. Remember Star Stuff, you came here to do big and beautiful things and the world needs the gifts that only you can bring to it. Spritz yourself or your space anytime of day for a burst of effervescent energy, renewed optimism, and a cosmic reminder of why you are here. 


By Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs

2 oz

*Do not Ingest

Made with // Rosewater, Essential Oils Of Geranium and Fennel,
Essences Of Spanish Broom, Elm, Larch, Crab Apple, Hornbeam,
Turquoise, Pyrite, Quartz, and Amber, Spring Water + Distilled Spirits

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