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$ 18.00

White Rose Flower Essence by La Abeja Herbs

White Rose [ Rosa spp. ] essence allows one experience reality directly. This may sound simple, but more often that not, we cloud our vision by projecting our emotions, beliefs, or expectations onto the situation at hand. When this happens, one limits their ability to be present in each moment and receptive to Life in a meaningful way.  This essence pulls the wool away from our eyes and gently coaxes all preconceptions to fall away. Used regularly, White Rose brings a newfound sense of spaciousness that allows one to move through the world with innate grace and heightened awareness.  This essence also acts as a harmonizer in formula with other essences.  It is indispensable as an ally for aiding in psychic protection + provides a sweet safe space in which deep healing is possible.  Helpful as an ally for anyone experiencing the traumatic effects of oppression, whether personal or systemic.